Alcohol Detox & Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Detox & Addiction Treatment

Counter the effects of alcoholism on the mind and body

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takes a devastating toll on the mind and body.

No one understands this better than the family of an alcoholic. At reNAD+ our experienced medical team will help you overcome your dependence on alcohol through all-natural therapy that helps curb cravings and prevent relapse, giving both you and your loved ones a fresh, healthy start. It is an outpatient treatment that can work in just eight to 10 days.

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Proven Results

To glean insight into the efficacy of NAD+ as a treatment for alcoholism, you need only look at the statistics.

More specifically, studies involving 60 participants showed that alcohol cravings after 10 days were 5x less. Results were comparable when analyzing the reduction of cravings associated specifically with alcohol withdrawal treatment chiefly after 10 days of prescribing NAD+.

Just as interesting were the results of a follow-up study showing that participants maintained low levels of alcohol cravings 12-20 months post NAD+ treatment.

Moreover, these studies reveal that NAD+ has potential as a long-term therapeutic option in helping alcoholics to prevent relapse and maintain their sobriety.

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The NAD+ detox method
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If you’ve been worrying about how to stop alcohol cravings or how to manage the side effects of stopping drinking alcohol, at reNAD+ we are confident we have the solution that helps you take a positive step towards recovery in just eight to 10 days.

Conventional methods of medical detox for alcohol and rehabilitation typically rely on artificial substitutes as a means of treatment. The typical Alcohol Rehab center prescribes Ambien as a sleep aid, clonidine to lower blood pressure, and Ativan to reduce anxiety. At reNAD+ our therapy offers Alcohol addiction treatment with all-natural solutions.

The NAD IV treatment method combines intravenous NAD+ infusions with vitamin supplements and therapies. The result is a natural solution to help rebalance the mind and replenish the body with NAD+, a coenzyme integral to repairing cellular vitality.

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The cost of alcoholism

The immediate effects of alcoholism can best be described as an alteration to the mind and body. Alcohol increases sedative neurotransmitters in the brain while simultaneously reducing excitatory transmitters. This produces the feelings of relaxation that result from intoxication.

However, over time it becomes ever more difficult for the brain to maintain the balance between hormones and neurotransmitters and you start to need more alcohol for the same effect. When you cease drinking, the brain struggles to repair itself which can lead to symptoms such as brain fog, depression, irritability and even physical pain.

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Treating Alcohol Addiction with NAD+

At reNAD+, our medical team has seen exceptional results with our NAD IV Therapy as a way to stop alcohol cravings and withdrawal. While alcohol addiction can undermine that health, we help you maintain adequate levels of NAD+ in your body with our intravenous drip.

The amount of NAD+ in your body increases, soothing and repairing your nervous system and speeding up the healing of neurotransmitters. This means you suffer from less withdrawal and your cravings are significantly reduced, helping you as you take your first steps towards recovery. It is an effect that our patients generally experience within eight to 10 days.

While there is no silver bullet in the fight against alcoholism, NAD IV Therapy, which involves direct infusion, is highly effective at rebalancing the mind, repairing the body, and helping you overcome your dependence on alcohol once and for all.

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