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NAD+ is one of the leading Fentanyl detox centers
offering a comprehensive program to help patients detox and reduce their cravings and withdrawal

We adopt a holistic, and natural approach to help the patients reduce their cravings and withdrawal and emerge from their present state, offering a safe and outpatient facility under the supervision of the medical staff. It is a unique way to the addiction problem which helps people pass the difficult phase of withdrawal. Let’s begin with a recovery that can begin within eight to ten days.

Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms are so severe that it becomes difficult to cope with one. If you or any of your near or dear ones are found dependent on this deadly drug, you should opt for fentanyl detox.

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a type of opioid, known to have a much stronger effect, than morphine. The drug is prescribed for the treatment of individuals who are in intense chronic pain. However, some people have an adverse reaction to opioids, understood to have a short-term euphoric impact.

Earlier it was prescribed for cancer patients to get relief from symptoms, however, many people started to exploit it. Many illegal labs started to sell the drugs without medical supervision or permission to sell them.

Many people who overdosed due to fentanyl were not aware of the fact that they had been consuming it for a long time. Fentanyl was found in other drugs like heroin, cocaine, opioid, and meth.

We are committed to improving the lives of the people who are addicted to drugs. With our natural therapy sessions that include NAD+ and other therapy, we help patients restore from addiction problems and overcome fentanyl withdrawal symptoms.

Fentanyl Withdrawal Treatment and Detox
All About Fentanyl Detox Process
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In contrast to the other drugs, recovery from Fentanyl addiction is very difficult. A 100 microgram dose gives as much pain relief as 10 milligrams of morphine gives. It is also fat-soluble, unlike other substances so its impact on the body is more rapid and intense. Comprehensive treatment is provided and under medical supervision which helps patients to overcome addictive impacts.

What do you expect from the Fentanyl detoxification process?

Detox is the initial and the pertinent step toward addiction recovery, NAD+ is the most effective fentanyl withdrawal treatment.

In the treatment process, can you do the following:

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Common Fentanyl Withdrawal Symptoms

Some of the common Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms are:

While an addicted person might face these symptoms, there are other symptoms also. People might have to undergo severe pain when they had initially started. In some cases, these symptoms get so unbearable that it gets difficult for them to control.

What is a timeline for Fentanyl Withdrawal?

There are various ways in which Fentanyl is distributed like extended-release patches. People addicted to it witnessed the onset of withdrawal in a period of 12 to 30 hours from the last dose intact, the impact of which is generally reduced in five days. The withdrawal symptoms depend on which process a person consumes the narcotic.

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NAD+ Fentanyl Addiction Treatment
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Our approach to the treatment is different, as we consider many factors like:

We prescribe a holistic way to treat the patients, along with medication-assisted treatment (MAT). A comprehensive plan or strategy is adopted to help patients stop their use of opioids and recover, a holistic approach that includes NAD+ and other natural therapeutic sessions. All these therapies can be in the form of inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation processes.

So, reach our Fentanyl detox center any time, register on the site, or contact us. It is your step to reduce cravings and withdrawals. Our motive is to see people get back to their normal life.