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NAD+ restores mitochondria which is the powerhouse cell to energy. It’s time to renew your cells.
NAD+ restores mitochondria which is the powerhouse cell to energy. It’s time to renew your cells.
The Innovative, All-Natural
Way to Treat Addiction

Minimize withdrawal, curb cravings and recover with NAD IV Therapy

At reNAD+, we specialize in treating addiction the natural way. We provide a safe and comfortable outpatient facility, using groundbreaking NAD IV Therapy to help addiction patients reduce cravings and begin recovery within eight to 10 days.

1. Reduce Withdrawal Effects

2. Curb Cravings

3. Flush the drugs out of your system

4. The brain will be re-balanced as the cells will regenerate

Recovery is possible

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and has tried and failed at recovery before, the reNAD+ NAD-IV Therapy could be the support you need as you find the strength to recover.

It is an effective detox treatment for alcoholism as well as addiction to opiates or Xanax. 

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What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), is a natural coenzyme found in all living cells and is central to the human body’s metabolic process. In short, NAD+ is integral to the energy production required to sustain life.

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Since its discovery in 1906 scientists have been learning more about how NAD+ helps convert nutrients into energy and its important role in mitochondrial health. This “helper” molecule is a key factor in many biological functions, and the scientific community is constantly learning different ways in which it benefits the mind and body.

Recent medical studies have analyzed the effectiveness of NAD+ in the treatment of various diseases and disorders, from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to depression and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Beyond this, health providers offer NAD+ to improve mental clarity and concentration.


 The beneficial effects that result from NAD+ are many; however, the amount of the NAD+ coenzyme in the body’s cells declines with age. This is crucial because low levels of NAD+ in humans can result in medical problems in both the body and mind. Habitual drug and alcohol use only hastens the depletion of NAD+.

NAD IV Addiction Treatment was designed as an all-natural solution to help patients rehab from drugs by replenishing the body’s NAD+ reserves, thus boosting cognitive functions, promoting better sleep, reducing drug cravings, and minimizing chances of relapse.

Why NAD IV addiction therapy works so well

The use of NAD-IV as a medication for addiction treatment is a revolutionary solution designed to aid in rehab for addictions by treating multiple issues. It does this in a number of ways:

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Reduce cravings

By curbing the cravings for alcohol, opioids, and other prescription medications, NAD therapy offers treatment for addicts that lessens the pain of withdrawals while boosting mental and physical recovery. This plays a crucial role in achieving an eventual cure for drug addiction.

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Reduce Withdrawal Effects

Withdrawal symptoms of addiction are often as devastating on the mind as they are on the body. Boosting NAD+ production through natural therapies alleviates such withdrawal effects, thereby easing pain and discomfort so you can better manage your discovery.

Treating Alcohol Addiction

Boost Natural Energy

One particularly debilitating
side effect of addiction is the toll it takes on the body’s reserves of energy. Many in
recovery try to offset this by consuming stimulants like caffeine and sugar. Supplemental NAD+ intake helps the body produce energy naturally without the
inevitable crash that is so often the side-effect of artificial stimulants.

Effectively treat your addictions

NAD IV Therapy from reNAD+ is the most effective way to start treating your addiction and aid recovery. Find out more about how we can help you.

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Alcohol Detox & Addiction Treatment Cure

Prolonged alcohol abuse takes a devastating toll on the mind and body. No one understands this better than the family of an alcoholic.

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Opiate & Opioid Addiction Treatment Cure

Opioid use disorder is, unfortunately, a common problem in America. At reNAD+, we understand that each person is different, therefore we tailor our therapeutic strategies to meet your specific needs.

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Xanax Addiction Treatment Cure

At reNAD+, we offer innovative NAD IV Therapy that helps you taper off benzodiazepines like Xanax safely and effectively with outpatient treatment that can work in just eight to 10 days.