NAD IV therapy in Long Beach, CA

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD, is a nutrient used in a therapy called NAD therapy to enhance a patient’s health. NAD production is impacted by stress, anxiety, age, and other factors, which leads to less-than-ideal health outcomes. NAD treatment is offered as an oral and intravenous supplement. It is one of the most recommended in Long Beach, CA, that can help you get rid of anxiety and give you a peaceful mind. 

Treatments using NAD IV therapy in Long Beach, CA and NADH are comparable. The distinction is that although NADH is supplied in the reduced form, NAD+ is given in the oxidized form. Substance misuse and addiction have a harmful influence on NAD synthesis. As a result of the body’s levels being restored by NAD Therapy,

  • improved cell regrowth
  • reduced appetites
  • symptom reduction of withdrawal

What is the purpose of NAD therapy?

NAD IV therapy is a procedure in which the body receives NAD infusions through an IV along with other vitamins and supplements according to the individual and circumstance. This treatment is successful in reducing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The body’s natural healing process is sped up by NAD Therapy, which also encourages feelings of well-being. The damage that addiction and substance misuse does to the body and mind can be lessened or even reversed with the help of NAD IV treatment. It regenerates brain cells and opiate receptors, which lessens the need for alcohol and narcotics. 

We start to notice age, sickness, and disease symptoms when the body’s level of NAD declines. Insufficient NAD also prevents the body from converting dietary energy into cellular energy. NAD IV therapy is used to treat a range of conditions, such as:

  • Reducing or removing withdrawal symptoms by attaching to opiate receptors that activate a drug’s feel-good effect
  • Detox
  • supporting the repair of neurotransmitters and brain restoration
  • raising the energy level
  • Making the body normal
  • reducing weariness

There are several disorders that may be treated with NAD treatment. For those with chronic fatigue syndrome and other neurological illnesses, it is useful in promoting well-being. Even if they are not treating a particular health issue or disease, some people take it to delay ageing.

Process of Treating NAD IV

You can inject or ingest NAD. Because IV treatment doesn’t involve the digestive system, the majority of medical specialists believe it to be more successful and efficient. One infusion each day for at least ten days is the standard  NAD treatment regimen. Depending on the unique requirements of each patient, doctors modify the NAD combination.

A nurse will put an IV into your arm as part of the quick procedure. The NAD liquid combination enters your body. Some people say that minutes after starting NAD therapy for addiction, withdrawal symptoms start to fade. Others claim to feel better and have clearer thinking after a few days. Each procedure takes around eight hours. You sit and relax while receiving NAD treatment, just like you would when having IV vitamin therapy or IV chemotherapy.

Let’s be precise. Addiction cannot be cured with NAD+ IV therapy. It is a natural treatment alternative that jump-starts recovery by cellularly healing the brain. Why is this crucial? As a result, the individual battling addiction has a greater chance of long-term recovery success. Relapse rates for addiction range from 50 to 90 per cent; it is a brain disorder with deep fundamental causes that have not yet been properly addressed. Psychotherapy, which helps restructure the brain, has been the most successful treatment so far. There needs to be more investigation into NAD+’s effects on the brain and addiction. But thus far, employing NAD+ as a detox technique, patients and medical professionals have witnessed amazing changes.

NAD IV Benefits 

Users of NAD IV therapy in Long Beach, CA describe a wide range of advantages. The specific advantages depending on the problem at hand. Increasing NAD+ levels generally improves one’s health, independent of the individual’s particular health issues.

Rejuvenation and the restoration of brain function are two of the key advantages of NAD treatment that users, regardless of the therapy’s intended application, feel. Because NAD increases sirtuins, this happens. Sirtuins are a protein that fights age. The ageing and neurodegenerative processes happen more slowly the more sirtuins there are.

The advantages of NAD IV therapy in Long Beach, CA are enormous. The physical, mental, emotional, and psychic functions of the body are all benefited. NAD levels are restored by NAD therapy, which also improves general health and lessens withdrawal symptoms.

By stimulating cell regeneration and strengthening the body’s resistance to sickness and illness, NAD treatment increases the brain’s capacity for function. All across the body, NAD Therapy regenerates and repairs cells. It restores DNA damage and undoes the harm that drug addiction causes to cells.

NAD Treatment for Substance Abuse

For the treatment of drug addiction, NAD therapy is now a widely acknowledged substitute for medication-assisted treatments. For someone who wishes to prevent the negative effects of MAT, it is helpful.

Detoxification is supported by NAD Therapy. In addition, it eases the withdrawal process by supplying the body with the nutrients it needs to heal. The majority of drug or alcohol addicts have vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So that a person can feel their best, NAD Therapy replenishes these organic compounds.

You will get a quicker, more efficient result if you provide a large quantity of NAD+ directly into your circulation as opposed to using another method (such as oral). This large dose swiftly raises your NAD+ levels, which powers up the mitochondrial engine inside your cells and gives you extra energy. Depending on your health and goals, IV treatment may last anywhere from 3 to 15 days.

How much does NAD IV therapy cost?

NAD IV therapy costs can range from $200 to $1,000 on average, depending on the vitamins you choose to include in the infusion. Additionally, depending on the clinic’s location, level of experience, and quality of the product, prices will vary. However, you should first understand what this therapy can accomplish for you before leaving after seeing the NAD IV therapy cost tag.

The NAD IV treatment is an investment in your health that will provide immeasurable benefits for your body. Getting this preventative care is far less expensive than waiting for your body to become unwell. NAD IV Therapy is not simply another wellness gimmick, in general. It is based on science and the body’s biology.

Benefits of Nad Treatment at Our ReNAD Center in Long Beach, CA

There are several NAD body advantages that might drastically improve your health. Some of the advantages that this NAD IV  drip therapy offers are the ones listed below or you would like to learn more about NAD iv therapy, then you must book your appointment with us:

  • Looks younger. A signalling protein called sirtuin, which is essential for the response to DNA damage is produced when NAD is stimulated. The ageing process, including wrinkles and fine lines, can be slowed down by maintaining a steady supply of sirtuins.
  • Clearness of mind. NAD shots give your brain cells a boost to lessen mental fog, improve mood, and sharpen attention. This therapy will be helpful for people with hectic schedules.
  • Blood pressure. It is thought that elevated NAD levels lessen aorta stiffness. This may assist adults’ chances of developing high blood pressure decline.

Book our NAD IV therapy in Long Beach, CA and bless your life with the best satisfaction.