NAD treatment in Irvine, CA

Every cell in the human body contains the crucial chemical nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide (NAD). For the cells to convert food or glucose into energy, it serves as the “gas” (ATP). This contributes to various bodily functions, including maintaining muscle tone and function, promoting healthy cell development, preventing tissue damage, and repairing mitochondrial damage. To help patients recover their cellular vitality, Our clinic provides NAD IV Therapy Treatment in Irvine.

Age and chronic diseases cause our bodies’ NAD supplies to decline. Cells become slower, show more indications of age, and experience oxidative stress as toxins gradually build up in cells as NAD levels fall.

Usually, ten days of daily infusions are needed for NAD treatment in Irvine, CA. Every patient has a unique treatment plan that must be created by a facility doctor and includes the precise NAD mix. A trained nurse will place an IV at the beginning of each day and gently inject the NAD combination.

Withdrawal symptoms start to fade after a few minutes. During the approximately eight-hour administration of the formulation, patients can unwind pleasantly. According to some claims, NAD treatment can reduce withdrawal symptoms by 70–80%, although no concrete evidence supports this claim. Patients typically report feeling better and having clearer thoughts between the fourth and eighth day.

We Provide

  • Therapy for Anxiety
  • Treatment of Depression
  • Addiction to drugs
  • Treatment for Chronic Pain
  • CRPS Therapy
  • Migraine Therapy

However, it’s crucial to remember that patients must finish each infusion process to reduce or eliminate cravings. To avoid relapsing, each patient should address the psychological components of their addiction.

How does NAD IV treatment works?

By flushing drugs from your system and attaching them to opiate receptors, NAD treatment lessens the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that might cause relapse.

  • The harm brought on by long-term drug or alcohol use may be repaired by your body’s natural healing mechanism with the help of NAD. 
  • This coenzyme repairs DNA damage, lowers inflammation, prevents additional damage, restocks neurotransmitters to enhance cognition, and replenishes energy.
  • Bypassing the digestive system, NAD IV therapies provide optimum efficacy with the least amount of NAD being wasted (unlike oral supplements).

Even though this strategy requires further analysis and investigation, it appears to benefit addicts. According to data, opiate and alcohol abusers have this treatment method’s best success rates. Depending on the continuing evaluation by a qualified nurse and doctor, the length of therapy varies among individuals. It is equally dependent on the substances abused, how long they are abused for, and how much.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD, is a crucial coenzyme that the body spontaneously creates and is found in all cells. NAD is essential to many key biological functions in cells. These include energy management, immune system support, and DNA repair. NAD levels decrease as people age. Many of the unmistakable markers of aging that influence cognition, appearance, mental clarity, energy level, and physical function are linked to low levels of NAD. Additionally, hazardous illnesses, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes, have been related to these decreased levels. Finding a means to raise these levels aids in the battle against aging.

NAD is a natural “biohacker” that works wonders for our DNA, bodies, and brains, and NAD infusions make individuals feel less worn out and more alert. As a coenzyme that naturally occurs, NAD helps to

  • increases longevity and health
  • resets the body’s internal clock and circadian cycles
  • restores damaged cells
  • safeguards brain cells
  • reduces pain, boosts metabolism, elevates mood, and improves focus and memory
  • offers anti-aging benefits

Benefits from NAD therapy

NAD Therapy deals with various issues, from cosmetic to medical. The treatment has also demonstrated potential as a technique for recovering from addiction. This therapy has benefitted patients in several ways, including:

  • alleviation of discomfort and tiredness
  • enhanced memory and mental capacity
  • Enhanced energy Support for keeping a healthy weight
  • reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • NAD IV Therapy has even been effective in treating Parkinson’s disease and depression.

The treatment process for NAD therapy

We will give a treatment plan when the physical examination is finished, and the patient’s treatment objectives have been thoroughly reviewed. A course of therapies may be suggested for the greatest benefit. We provide each patient personalized advice on the quantity and frequency of treatments most likely to deliver the desired outcomes.

Sessions for NAD treatment might last between two and four hours. Depending on the patient’s requirements and objectives, they could be longer. The patient may unwind in a cozy chair as a skilled staff member delivers the therapy. We go out of our way to ensure that our patients are at ease while receiving treatment. Many folks bring books or music to listen to as their bodies receive much-needed rest.

Why Use NAD Therapy For Addiction Treatment?

The body’s natural NAD reserves will be depleted by heavy drug and alcohol usage; it has been shown. As a result, the brain cannot obtain the same amount of energy from the digestion of food as it normally would. Four major consequences result from the coenzyme being flooded into the brain during NAD treatment to replace its storage.

  • All of the drugs that remain in the user’s system are flushed out by it.
  • It lessens withdrawal symptoms, which may be incredibly unpleasant and difficult to handle.
  • It decreases the discomfort of withdrawal and reduces the desire for alcohol and opioids, making physical and psychological recovery simpler.

How much does NAD therapy in Irvine costs?

The NAD IV therapy cost might differ significantly depending on where you receive the therapy, as is the case with the majority of things. One of these NAD IV therapy cost injections may cost around $150 in some situations, while the price may reach $250 in other locales. There have been relatively few instances of NAD infusions costing more than $800, but it is likely because something else was added to the infusion that exponentially increased the cost. If you’re receiving IV treatment, a NAD infusion is typically considered one of the more cost-effective solutions. That’s one of the reasons it’s so well-liked, in addition to the fact that it may assist with a wide range of problems.

NAD IV therapy costs $600 for a single treatment. NAD+ is infused for 500 mg throughout each session. Depending on the person, a single NAD+ session might run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Double-dose NAD IV therapy cost in Irvine, CA with NAD+ costs $1,000 for each session. A 1000mg infusion is given at each therapy session. Depending on the person, a Double NAD+ session might run from 40 minutes to 2 hours. (Note: Only seasoned NAD+ users can access the Double Dose Therapy option.)

Benefits of NADTreatment at Our ReNAD Center, Irvine CA

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy from our NAD IV services: 

Cellular Energy with NAD IV drip

NAD is a crucial coenzyme for various cellular activities, such as DNA damage repair, energy synthesis and metabolism, intracellular calcium signaling, epigenetically controlled gene expression, and immunological responses. Telomeres, the protective caps at the end of your DNA, are repaired and lengthened by NAD, which slows the aging process.

When two scientists won the 1929 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, NAD+ received its first recognition. One of the chemists recognized the NAD+ structure and referred to it as “the physiologically most significant activators inside the plant and animal world” in his award speech. NAD+ has also been investigated by other Nobel Laureates who later won the award for their efforts.

Antiageing with NAD IV shots

Globally, people are living longer. For the first time in history, most individuals anticipate living at least sixty years old. However, the health of older people now is not better than it was in the past. A variety of cellular damage that develops with age causes a decline in physical and mental function and an increased chance of sickness.

NAD IV shots are required by the person. However, there is a limited quantity available. Two human investigations confirmed what was previously understood to occur in animals. Researchers found that NAD+ levels in human tissues decreased with aging between 2012 and 2015. NAD IV Therapy infusions can deliver NAD directly to the bloodstream by bypassing the gut for complete absorption.

Best Health

You obtain trace quantities of NAD from foods, including milk, yeast, and leafy greens. NAD+ can also be obtained by dietary supplements, such as IV NAD therapy, which makes NAD instantly usable by your cells.

IV infusions provide various additional advantages in addition to the coenzyme itself. A saline solution is used to give NAD while rehydrating your body. Toxins and free radicals are both flushed away by the saline solution. You may simultaneously cleanse your body while enhancing cellular health and regeneration. Our clinic is one of the few facilities in Irvine that uses NAD IV treatment to treat and enhance general optimum health.

Connect with us and boost energy and revamp your life. We offer the best solutions with ND IV treatment. Our experts will help you with the best results and offer you a happy life.