Opiate & Opioid Addiction Treatment


Opiate & Opioid Addiction Treatment
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Opioid use disorder
is, unfortunately, a common problem in America

At reNAD+, we understand that each person is different, therefore we tailor our therapeutic strategies to meet your specific needs. And you can rest easy knowing that our treatment options are all-natural and our outpatient treatment can begin working for you in just eight to 10 days.

We’ll never prescribe more drugs to replace other drugs, we only use NAD IV Therapy as it is the evidence-backed solution we trust in.

A serious problem, an effective solution

If you are suffering from opiate addiction, you are not alone. Perhaps you have tried to quit before but going through the stages of opiate withdrawal was just too hard. It’s understandable. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, relapse rates in some cases can be up to 91 percent. Clearly, opioid addiction is a formidable problem that requires a multi-pronged approach.

A truly effective treatment for opioid addiction is NAD+, considered the best opiate withdrawal treatment that can help you face each day by helping with difficulties such as how to get to sleep during opiate withdrawal. The results speak for themselves. A clinical study of 60 participants suffering from opioid addiction resulted in a five-fold reduction of their cravings when NAD+ was used.

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The NAD+ treatment method
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The operation of a healthy brain requires the delicate balance of various transmitters and receptors. Opioids work by binding to these receptors in order to relieve pain by producing a euphoric feeling. This euphoria, in turn, produces dopamine, which fuels the desire to continue taking opioids, thus creating a vicious cycle.

NAD IV Therapy helps break this cycle of addiction by replenishing the body with the coenzyme it needs to rebalance the mind’s receptors and transmitters, reducing cravings while promoting cellular repair and vitality.

The cost of opioid addiction

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), each year millions of people misuse prescription opioids, often having originally been prescribed them for pain relief. Hundreds of thousands of others have admitted to resorting to heroin after such experiences.

Most distressing of all, the CDC reported that drug overdose deaths in 2020 reached an all-high of 93,000. Most of these were attributed to opioids.

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Why opioid addiction is so hard to treat

Prescription painkillers like opioids function by binding to receptors in the brain, which produces a euphoric feeling and alleviates your pain. As the feeling subsides many people will consume opioids in higher amounts. This results in the brain producing more receptors, which require even more of the drug to maintain the euphoria.

When you fail to fill these receptors with the drug you crave, your mind sends more pain signals. This results in an even more acute desire to use opioids. This imbalance in neural receptors is the cause of the vicious cycle that is so hard to break and equally hard to treat. It’s why so many end up having to search for opiate withdrawal treatment and can ultimately fail in their attempts to quit.

Treating opioid addiction with NAD TREATMENT

Many Opioid rehab centers that focus on addiction and recovery often substitute one drug for others. A patient in one of these traditional facilities who suffer from opioid addiction may find that their treatment regimen includes sedatives to aid in sleep and benzodiazepine medications to combat anxiety.

NAD IV Therapy, on the other hand, takes an all-natural approach to treatment for addicts. NAD+ is an all-natural, vitamin B derivative that has been used since the 1960s to help break the cycle of chemical addiction. It does this by replacing key coenzymes in the body that help flush drugs out of your system.

NAD+ also balances receptors in the brain, which curb cravings for opioids and lessens withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, it promotes energy production without the crash that accompanies caffeine and sugar.

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Anyone who has suffered from addiction knows how hard the road to recovery can be. There are many paths down this road, and many treatments to help you reach the end and become drug-free. NAD IV Therapy is one such medicine for opiate addiction.

While NAD+ is a strong beginning in combating addiction, it is just that: a beginning. True recovery can only be achieved by getting to the root of the problem and working at it every day.