What Is NAD? And How Can NAD+ IV Therapy Change Your Life?

Do you know what NAD IV therapy is? Have you ever heard of it? If yes, are you reluctant to give it a try?

Have you ever imagined aging gracefully with overall great health? Do you understand how miraculous this treatment is?

Don’t worry, in this blog, we’ll go through everything you may expect from your NAD IV therapy treatment.

But first let’s understand what NAD IV therapy is.

What is NAD+ Therapy?

NAD+ therapy is a type of treatment that can stimulate cell regeneration in your body. NAD stands for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). In medical terms, NAD is a coenzyme that is found in cells that binds with elements in our body. It has a number of benefits, such as improving brain function, lessening withdrawal symptoms while kicking an addiction, and transforming one’s life. Although it is possible to receive NAD therapy through an oral supplement, many patients like the ease and quick results of NAD IV therapy. Using a needle and catheter, this therapy is given intravenously. NAD is pumped into your bloodstream along with a refreshing saline solution and a combination of vitamins.

After getting NAD through an IV, patients say they feel more energized, can focus better, are in a better mood, and some even say they can lose weight more easily.

NAD therapy is turning out to be a miraculous potential therapy for many conditions.

Continue reading to find out more about the functions of this coenzyme in your body and how IV NAD+ therapy might enhance your well-being.

How can NAD+ therapy help you?

We are living in a stressful world. Hence, for many of us, our health is more important than any other task, and the key to better health is to maintain our bodies at their best cellular level.

NAD+ infusion has a number of advantages, whether you have chronic fatigue syndrome brought on by a disease or are just getting older.

NAD+ is one of the most prevalent and important chemicals in all living things, from simple single-celled organisms like bacteria to complex multicellular ones like humans.

NAD+ behaves like a carrying bus, transporting electrons from one molecule to another inside cells to carry out a variety of operations and reactions. This important molecule works with nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) + hydrogen (NADH) to take part in several metabolic processes that give our cells energy.

NAD+ is critical for our bodies. It is a naturally produced coenzyme of niacin, otherwise known as

vitamin B-3, which aids every cell in our body in creating energy. NDA+ is essential for all the metabolic processes inside our body. It helps keep the mitochondria healthy, which are the powerhouses of the cells. This makes our immune systems stronger.

Here’s how NAD+ IV therapy can be helpful:

1. Addiction Treatment

The question is, how does NAD+ help with mental illnesses?
NAD+ enhances cognitive function and mental clarity while protecting your neurons from damage. Additionally, it fights off stress, tiredness, fatigue, and a lack of motivation.
NAD+ helps lessen cravings and discomfort experienced during the detox process, making it particularly beneficial for people with substance addiction disorders.
Any addiction changes the way our brain’s function. These changes in brain chemistry then control your activities and make you addicted to drugs or alcohol.
No matter how firm you are about giving up your addictions, it’s hard to deal with cravings at times, and sometimes they are just impossible to control.
But with NAD+ IV therapy, it becomes seamless to manage withdrawal symptoms and the temptations. So, NAD+ IV therapy is used as part of a comprehensive program to help people recover from addiction without the use of narcotic drugs.

2. Improving Mental Health

With age, our brain starts to process things less and we often deal with brain fog. Brain fog means difficulty in understanding and focusing. The patients will often complain about how they are unable to focus on a specific task and how their productivity level is declining at work or school.
This is where NAD+ IV therapy does an incredible job. NAD+ IV therapy will help the patient to combat brain fogginess by saturating the cells in the brain with the nutrients it needs to perform better.
NAD improves cognitive function and eliminates the cloudy feeling, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand. It improves mental clarity, focus, and brainpower, allowing you to make better decisions, be more productive, and live a better life.
It is noticed that people who have taken the NAD+ IV therapy report having increased concentration, improved memory, and having seen positive changes in their behavior and mood.

3. Anti-Aging Issues

Although aging is a natural process, because of today’s lifestyle, people aren’t able to age gracefully, and they are dealing with premature ageing. NAD+ is found naturally in every cell of the body. However, it starts to decline with age.
Thankfully, NAD+ not only improves the functions of the brain and improves the quality of life, but it also prevents various age-related diseases and delays premature aging. NAD protects cells and repairs DNA and sun damage, thus making you look more youthful and vibrant.
When combined with a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and detoxification that help us live longer, NAD+ IV treatment is most effective at reversing signs of aging.

How much time is needed for the NAD+ treatment?

The intravenous NAD injection therapy lasts between 2-4 hours per infusion. However, the duration of the therapy can be anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending upon the issue and how the patient is responding to the treatment.

The treatment is mainly used for intensive issues like battling cancer, diabetes, congestive heart failure, or more serious health issues.

What should you expect from your NAD infusion therapy?

The first NAD shot gives you results that last from 4–14 days, depending upon the kind of condition and health goals the patient is aiming for.

Patients have reported improved mental clarity and better energy levels post-NAD infusion. The results have shown increases in intracellular levels of NAD+ and have noticed a reversal of age-related cellular dysfunctions by improving the quality of genes. Patients have also noticed a healthy loss of weight, better moods, more energy, and an improvement in their ability to focus and think.

Thus, in a nutshell, it is less efficient to increase NAD+ levels using supplements than it is by an infusion. NAD+ has difficulty digesting because it is difficult for the stomach to break down, which reduces its bioavailability. The body is able to fully absorb and utilize the supplied NAD+ by avoiding the gastrointestinal tract. Infusions are especially good for people who want to age with more grace, who want to detox, or who have mental illnesses.

Our general health is greatly influenced by NAD+. We don’t have to deal with the effects of the natural decline in NAD+ levels just because it happens over time. To increase NAD+ levels, a variety of techniques can be used.

So, now that you know NAD is an important part of living a more active and healthy life, call ReNAD+ or make an appointment on our website to find out how you can get the benefits of NAD+ IV therapy. We offer the highest quality NAD+ formulation at a significant cost.

We’re looking forward to giving you a new life and vitality!


What is the difference between NAD and NADH?

Every cell in your body contains nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, also known as NAD, which exists in two different forms: NAD+ and NADH.

A coenzyme is a tiny “helper molecule” whose primary function is to activate enzymes, which are molecules that quicken chemical reactions and help turn food into energy inside of cells.
The two NAD forms work together as a redox couple.

This term is used to refer to the same molecule’s reduced and oxidized versions. The oxidized form of NAD+ is one in which it has lost an electron. As the molecule’s reduced form, NADH receives the electron that was lost by NAD+. Energy production is heavily dependent on redox reactions involving electron exchanges.

What is NAD IV therapy good for?

For a healthier and happier quality of life, NAD IV treatments can help preserve mental clarity, focus, retain mental clarity, and defend against neurodegenerative disorders. It’s vital to know that the only approved way to restore your body’s NAD+ levels is through IV therapy. The benefits of this potent coenzyme cannot be obtained from store-bought supplements because they must be broken down by your body’s digestive system.

Do I need a prescription for NAD+?

We recommend consulting a psychiatrist before attempting any treatment, but NAD+ is merely a nutritional supplement, not a medication. As a result, you don’t need a prescription to acquire it like any other supplement. NAD may be purchased from a compounding pharmacy as a solution.

Are NAD+ injections safe?

Many people are curious as to whether they should anticipate side effects after receiving NAD+ IV therapy. It’s significant to mention that there is currently no evidence to suggest that NAD IV therapy has any negative side effects that last a long time. Yet some report feeling briefly nauseous or experiencing minor stomach discomfort for a short period of time, and that subsides quickly. There are no other problems in the days or weeks following the post-NAD+ IV therapy treatment.

Thus, the uses of NAD+ shots are fully risk-free. It is easily infused into the body and is a natural substance.

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